Blend science and business with an M.S. in Biotechnology

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Kim Hartz worked as a clinical researcher in the Twin Cities when she decided she wanted to become an independent consultant in biotechnology. To advance her career, she enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Master of Science in Biotechnology Program.

“I was returning to school at 40 and I didn’t just want a set of credentials,” says Hartz. “I wanted a program with meaning and value.”

The M.S. in Biotechnology Program focuses on product development and technology-based entrepreneurship, combining the study of science, law, and business. To accommodate working professionals, it offers classes on evenings and weekends. Instructors include UW-Madison faculty and leaders in the biotechnology field from private industry in the Madison region.

Kim Hartz
Kim Hartz now runs her own business in the Twin Cities.

“The degree has value because it is so unique—a blend of science, business and ethics related to biotechnology—and because the degree is from UW-Madison, one of the best-kept secrets in terms of the biotechnology knowledge base,” says Hartz.

The M.S. in Biotechnology offers a business perspective to researchers like Hartz, as well as a scientific perspective to students with a background in business. It is a multidisciplinary program geared toward working professionals, including practicing scientists, technical professionals, attorneys, and business people looking to advance their careers in biotechnology.

Understanding Innovation

Through the program, Hartz was able to expand her knowledge of intellectual property in the biotechnology industry and use it to evaluate biotechnology projects from what she calls a “patent standpoint.”

“Thanks to this program I understand how much innovation is really going on and where that innovation can lead,” Hartz says. “The value is understanding how quickly things evolve, and a continuing education helps you evolve along with it.”

Hartz is now a successful independent consultant and runs her own business in the Twin Cities.

For more information on UW-Madison’s Master of Science in Biotechnology Program, see here.

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