From Wisconsinite to global strategist with M.S. in Biotechnology

M.S. in Biotechnology

Tanesha Norris hit a career ceiling as an intermediate level scientist and program manager in biotechnology. She couldn’t find any new opportunities to grow in her profession.

Enter the University of Wisconsin­­–Madison Master of Science in Biotechnology Program. Norris enrolled, and the program helped her gain new skills and knowledge, get a promotion, and then land a prestigious job with a higher salary.

Tanesha Norris
Tanesha Norris gained skills and knowledge and got a raise after completing her M.S. in Biotechnology.

“I wanted to reach my full potential and take control of the direction my career was heading in,” Norris said. “UW–Madison’s M.S. in Biotech helped me do that.”

The M.S. in Biotechnology Program focuses on product development and technology-based entrepreneurship, combining the study of science, law, and business. It’s a multidisciplinary program geared toward working professionals, including practicing scientists, technical professionals, attorneys, and business people looking to advance their careers in biotechnology.

To accommodate busy schedules, the program offers classes on evenings and weekends. Instructors include UW–Madison faculty and leaders in the biotechnology field from private industry in the Madison region.

Opening international doors

Directly after graduating from the M.S. in Biotechnology Program, Norris was promoted to a project manager. She then applied for a more challenging role with a business focus. The interview team praised her answers on management issues—detailed in her M.S. courses—and offered her the job, along with a $30,000 raise from her previous role.

As a senior global project manager with Roche NimbleGen, Norris now travels the world to manage large projects. A recent venture led her to Cape Town, South Africa, where she assisted with the integration of a research company that Roche acquired.

Norris said she uses knowledge gained from the M.S. in Biotechnology Program every day. For example, she feels confident selecting the correct team resources, budgeting for manufacturing, and planning quality testing experiments. She’s better able to see the big picture and analyze that critical path to commercial launch.

“I would never have dreamed of doing what I am now without the confidence I built while completing the M.S. biotech program at UW–Madison,” she said.

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