Keep your full-time job while earning a Professional Master’s in Computer Sciences

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Wesley Szamotula was working full-time at the health-care software company Epic doing customer tech support. Epic let him try his hand on a few small software development projects, and he enjoyed them so much that he embarked on personal programming side projects. The experience made him realize he wanted to pursue software development as his primary job.

The problem was making time to continue his education while working at Epic. But Szamotula found a solution in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Professional Master’s Program in Computer Sciences. Each semester students take as many courses as they can manage, completing the degree in two to three years.

The UW program was flexible in the number of credits I take each semester,” Szamotula says. “Since there is the option of obtaining this degree by taking one course at a time, it is possible to fit even into a busy work schedule.”

Expanding your career options

Along with the flexibility, Szamotula was drawn to the high-quality program offered through the UW-Madison Department of Computer Sciences, which is top-ranked nationally.

“The instructors are all very informed on their topics and are engaging teachers,” he says.

Another benefit of the Professional Master’s Program in Computer Sciences is the chance to tap into the global UW alumni network.

“I look forward to exploring the different career opportunities as I near the end of the program,” Szamotula says. “This is a great way to expand your career options at an excellent university while maintaining a full-time job.”

For more information about the Professional Master’s Program in Computer Sciences, see here.

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