M.S. for Professional Educators is ‘the perfect blend’

"back to school" on a chalkboard

Christopher Salem is a public schoolteacher who hopes to become an administrator one day, so he decided to pursue a master’s degree. The tricky part is that he wanted to do so while continuing to teach fulltime.

Salem found the flexibility he needed in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Master of Science for Professional Educators program.

“I appreciated that the program is a mix of online classes with some in-person experiences on campus during the summer,” Salem says. “It seemed like the perfect blend because I was able to do the work when it fit for me.”

The Master of Science for Professional Educators allows K-12 teachers to develop their skills as both educators and leaders. The two-year program features face-to-face learning over two summers on the UW-Madison campus, where students can work with classmates and build their professional networks. During the fall and spring semesters, the program moves online for the convenience of practicing teachers.

“People at the UW want you to be successful,” Salem says. “They’re more than willing to accommodate schedules so that you get the full experience of being in school again while meeting the needs you have outside of school.”

Salem is grateful for the chance to network with his professors and fellow students, joining the vast UW-Madison family.

“I’ve noticed that being a Badger is something people take very seriously,” he says. “It’s this vibrant community that people are really proud to be a part of.”

For more information on the Master of Science for Professional Educators program, see here.

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