MS in Biotechnology Program gives graduate greater career options

M.S. in Biotechnology

Jennifer Fronczak graduated from college in 1999, worked as an associate scientist at a large research product firm for a few years, and then realized she’d reached a ceiling with her bachelor’s degree in biology.

“I thought about getting a PhD, but I didn’t want to devote six years to a one-discipline path,” Fronczak said. “I wanted to work for a smaller company where I could wear a lot of hats.”

Jennifer Fronczak
Jennifer Fronczak said the MS in Biotechnology helped her take her career to the next level.

Fronczak found the University of Wisconsin­­–Madison’s Master of Science in Biotechnology Program to be the ticket to achieving her goals and embarking on a satisfying career.

The MS in Biotechnology Program focuses on product development and technology-based entrepreneurship, combining the study of science, law, and business. It’s a multidisciplinary program geared toward working professionals, including practicing scientists, technical professionals, attorneys, and business people looking to advance their careers in biotechnology.

To accommodate busy schedules, the program offers classes on evenings and weekends. Instructors include UW–Madison faculty and leaders in the biotechnology field from private industry in the Madison region.

Multidisciplinary advantage

After getting her MS in Biotechnology in 2004, Fronczak worked at both small start-ups and large companies, using the knowledge she gained from the program to diversify her skill set and marketability in the workforce. She added research and development, marketing, tech support, quality control, and operations to her resume—and she progressed up the ladder through several promotions.

“I really liked the part-science, part-business blend in the MS in Biotechnology. I wanted to be able to speak the language of many disciplines and take a leadership role in a company,” she said. “It was what I needed to take my career to the next step.”

Fronczak is currently an operations manager at Lucigen Corporation, which specializes in biomedical research products and services for customers worldwide.

Looking back nearly a decade since graduating, Fronczak says, “The MS in Biotechnology Program put me ahead of the curve. It helped me position myself to take advantage of opportunities I previously could not have considered.”

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