M.S. in Biotechnology teaches business to scientists and science to business people

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As an engineer, Keerthna Prakash has a strong background in science. Given her interest in biotechnology, however, she knew she needed to learn more about business, and that’s what she got out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Master of Science in Biotechnology Program.

“I wanted to get the business perspective in terms of marketing, sales, and commercialization,” Prakash says. “Basically, how a drug product taken from start to finish is able to get to pharmacies or patients.”

The M.S. in Biotechnology offers a business perspective to scientists like Prakash, as well as a scientific perspective to students with a background in business. It’s a multidisciplinary program geared toward working professionals, including practicing scientists, technical professionals, attorneys, and business people looking to advance their careers in biotechnology.

“We come from such different backgrounds,” Prakash says of the students. “It’s a team-building environment where we learn from each other throughout the two-year program.”

The M.S. in Biotechnology Program focuses on product development and technology-based entrepreneurship, combining the study of science, law, and business. To accommodate working professionals, it offers classes on evenings and weekends. Instructors include UW-Madison faculty and leaders in the biotechnology field from private industry in the Madison region.

“It’s an industry where there’s continuous growth, and so I feel in terms of job opportunities, it’s endless,” says Prakash. “There will always be a need for people to work in the biotech industry, and so many opportunities that have yet to be explored.”

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