UW-Madison makes it easier to pursue a career in data science and analytics

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A new website makes it easier for professionals to tap into UW-Madison graduate programs that prepare them for careers in the burgeoning field of data science and analytics.

The demand for data science and analytics jobs is projected to grow 15 percent between 2015 and 2020, with an average annual salary of more than $80,000. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has many flexible post-baccalaureate programs that prepare students for these jobs, geared toward working adults who need a convenient way to continue their education. Now, pdc.wisc.edu/Data-Science-Analytics-Theme lets people compare programs and pick the one that will lead to a dream career.

“The new website is a gateway to finding work in engineering, computer science, economics, statistics, and many other specialized fields that require data science and analytics skills,” says Jeffrey S. Russell, dean of Continuing Studies and vice provost for Lifelong Learning. “It provides tools for prospective students wondering which path to take, including job-outlook statistics, average yearly salaries, and information about UW-Madison’s accessible degree and certificate programs.”

Those interested in data science and analytics but unsure of which path to pursue can take a quiz at pdc.wisc.edu/Data-Science-Analytics-Theme-Quiz. Their answers to seven questions will help direct them to the right degree or certificate.

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Students in Resource and Energy Demand Analysis prepare for careers with utilities, consulting firms, regulators, and other organizations involved in protecting natural resources.

pdc.wisc.edu/Data-Science-Analytics-Theme showcases nine UW-Madison programs:

For each of these programs, the new website will help students make the right choice based on their interests. It also details the flexibilities that can allow working professionals to keep their current jobs while pursuing their education.Job outlook 2.72 million open positions by 20201	Nearly 70% of employers prefer job candidates with DSA skills when making hiring decisions2 Average yearly salaries $80,265 All DSA Jobs	$94,576 Data Scientist	$105,909 Analytics Manager

UW-Madison’s data science and analytics programs have a track record of success for those who want to establish a career, change careers, or make progress in their current jobs. After earning his undergraduate degree, for example, Jordan Paszek enrolled in the Capstone Certificate in Actuarial Science as a quick path into the actuarial profession. The program helped him land a job at the consulting firm Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc.

“The capstone program seemed like the best transition to making my goal attainable,” Paszek says. “Within one year of completing the program, I felt like I got an adequate return on my investment and know that it will continue for years to come.”

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