Zachary Benson

Position title: Enrollment Coach and Director of Student Call Center

Email: zach.benson@wisc.edu

Phone: Call or text me at 608-345-1237
Text me at 608-200-3130
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Zach Benson

Working in education has always been my passion, and I’m excited to help you enroll and learn at my alma mater. I love getting to know people and staying up to date and involved in the ways that higher ed pushes the boundaries of what we know about ourselves and the world around us. No matter your goals, I’m here to help you navigate the higher education landscape so you can reach your personal and professional goals.

Contact me if you’re interested in:

UW–Madison Online
  • Business Administration–Human Resources BBA
  • Business Administration–Management BBA
  • Business Administration–Marketing BBA
Professional Degrees & Certificates
  • Actuarial Science Capstone Certificate
  • Information MS
  • Library & Information Studies MA
  • User Experience Design Capstone Certificate