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Why employers choose UW–Madison

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Getting a degree or certificate from UW–Madison isn’t where our students’ achievement ends. It’s where it begins.

That’s because employers around the world—from Fortune 500 companies to the smallest of incubators—want what our graduates have.

Our students live the Wisconsin Idea: that UW–Madison has a societal responsibility to improve people’s lives beyond the classroom.

You’ll feel that energy and commitment with every UW hire.

Badgers in Your Workplace

UW–Madison graduates are smart additions to any forward-thinking workplace.

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Need new approaches?

Our graduates know the latest theories, understand cutting-edge research and can put what they’ve learned into practice.

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Looking for leaders?

More than 1,000 CEOs across the globe are UW–Madison alumni.

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Seeking strong ethics?

UW–Madison produces more Peace Corps members than any other university. Our graduates want to work hard and create change in their communities.

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Want innovators?

Our students have worked with faculty who cultivate transformative thinking and nurture new ideas.

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Want high-achievers?

Among alumni and faculty, UW people have won 10 Academy Awards, 20 Nobel Prizes and 38 Pulitzer Prizes, and formed more than 360 startups in Wisconsin alone.

Recruiting the Best

How do you find these shining stars? Through our 400,000-person strong alumni network, at career fairs, at corporate days on campus and at informal networking events. Our students know how to share their UW pride and their ambition to benefit your bottom line.

A Partnership of Shared Benefits

Across campus, we encourage employers to sponsor student organizations and job shadowing opportunities, so you can meet and cultivate our best and brightest.

And, recognizing that a diverse workforce is a better one, you can support our students’ dreams through scholarships. Help us increase access for people who represent the world’s gender, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic makeup.

Employers are also important partners in dozens of UW–Madison research facilities, where all levels of your staff can connect with faculty and graduate students, expand your brand’s visibility, gain insight into ground-breaking knowledge and—most importantly—recruit new talent.

To partner with UW–Madison, contact the program that best fits your industry and let’s start planning for the future.

Because everywhere you turn, on campus or across the globe, UW–Madison graduates and employers come together to make a difference.