Psychology master’s program in data science offers diversity and inclusion scholarships

two woman looking at a computer screen, working together

To expand the pool of professionals and enhance critical work, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Data Science in Human Behavior MS program is offering scholarships for high-achieving underrepresented and financially disadvantaged students.

“The professional master’s in data science in human behavior is an investment in future career prospects, but not everyone has equal access to this opportunity,” says Tim Rogers, the program’s director. “This degree program, the science and future employers all benefit when the training community encompasses talented scholars with diverse backgrounds and experiences.”

The explosion of data science has changed the ways companies, government offices and nonprofit organizations track how people purchase and utilize goods, interact with each other, comply with regulations and support philanthropy and social causes.

The MS in Psychology: Data Science in Human Behavior program uses modern data science tools to analyze and understand human behavior to solve problems related to how humans act.

The interdisciplinary program is led by faculty in the Department of Psychology who are world-renowned experts in the use of data science tools as applied to human behavior. Students may take courses in statistics, computer science or engineering, too. The program also conducts professional development activities to prepare students for various career paths.

Diversity and inclusion scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $6,000 per term. To apply for scholarships, students must submit an application, letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose on the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub.

“We are so grateful to the donors supporting this scholarship fund, which will help make our training more accessible to underserved communities,” Rogers says.

For more information, register for this free webinar that will take place on Thursday, November 3, with staff from the Data Science in Human Behavior MS program, or visit the scholarship website.