Student finds a promising professional path with flexible Capstone Certificate in Actuarial Science

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Mallory Grossman double-majored in math and political science with a minor in business. After graduating and working in IT for a few years, she reevaluated her occupational choice and enrolled in the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Capstone Certificate in Actuarial Science.

“I thought I would be happier if I made a career change to the actuarial profession,” Grossman said. “I wanted to enter a program that would help me pass exams along with providing career resources.”

Mallory Grossman
Mallory Grossman: “UW–Madison is a center of actuarial excellence, providing that credibility factor.”

In as little as nine months, the Capstone Certificate in Actuarial Science prepares students to pass the professional credentialing exams required by the Casualty Actuarial Society or the Society of Actuaries. It’s designed for math-savvy scholars with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than actuarial science.

On the tail end of her Capstone experience, Grossman believes that her career shift will be smooth and lucrative.

Actuarial science is consistently rated as a top profession, with a higher-than-average projected growth of 18% over the next decade, as estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Using mathematical skills, actuaries will be needed to develop, price, and evaluate products for the insurance industry and to calculate the costs of new risks for businesses and industries.

“My goal is to be a working actuary in the health care sector,” Grossman said. “This program has put me on the path to achieve that goal.”

The UW advantage

Grossman found a lot of reasons to love UW–Madison.

“UW–Madison is a center of actuarial excellence, providing that credibility factor,” she said. “And here I can take classes outside of the actuarial department that will help me obtain my certification.”

Grossman appreciates the “encouraging and extremely effective instructors” who relate material to real-life scenarios. She also finds value in other resources offered by UW–Madison. For example, she has taken advantage of advising services to gain exposure to employers and presentations by the Actuarial Club to learn more about the profession.

Grossman is confident her UW–Madison education will advance her career.

“I’ve noticed that employers who’ve hired alumni from the Capstone program know the value that a Capstone job candidate brings to the workplace.”

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